Blowin’ In the Wind

October 6, 2019

How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see? Somebody in DC finally answered that one and turned whistleblower last week. Now his or her allegations have started the impeachment ball rolling and ‘both sides‘ are pulling out all the stops to make their case.


Here in NYC, activists joined foodies on Sunday afternoon in Bryant Park. The main lawn was full of tents, tables, and canopies with lots of tasty foods to sample at the NY Times Food Festival. “New York Times food editor Sam Sifton asked some of New York’s best chefs what dish they would cook for a crowd, if they could cook anything at all,” is how the official announcement for the festival put it.


Meanwhile the musical #Resistance group Sing Out Louise performed on the Park’s 6th Avenue steps. Singing from their ‘hymnal’ the group treated passersby to their unique mix of pop melodies and scathing anti-Trump lyrics. Many people stopped to check out the act and some, after being handed a hymnal, joined in the lighthearted subversion.

The troupe next set out for Fox News HQ on 48th Street, forming an ad hoc sidewalk parade on the other side of 6th Avenue. Along the way they chanted ‘Donald Trump you will fail/We will see your ass in jail!‘ and ‘Blow your whistle, scream and shout. Time to kick the traitor out!‘ Several cars and trucks honked in support, and on one corner people waiting to cross broke out in applause. One guy hollered, “get a job!”

Elissa Stern, who had performed earlier with Sing Out Louise, told the Gazette her message was “whistle blowers are not alone. We are with you.” The group reassembled in front of News Corp/Fox HQ and sang more songs from their hymnal and chanted a few chants before breaking up around 30 minutes later.



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