Lunch Special: Meatloaf

July 11, 2019

“Baby we can talk all night, but that ain’t getting us nowhere.”

Legend has it that the 1977 release of Meatloaf‘s album, “Bat Out of Hell” followed two plus years of rejection by every record company known to man. In his autobio, Meatloaf (Michael Lee Aday) recalls CBS exec Clive Davis ripping composer Jim Steinman, “Do you know how to write a song? Do you know anything about writing?… Have you ever listened to pop music? Have you ever heard any rock-and-roll music???

But Destiny called and, of course, the album went on to become one of the best selling records of all time. In 2017 it re-emerged as the stage musical Steinman has been developing since the 1970s – his magnum opus. It opens at City Center next month and previewed today at Broadway in Bryant Park. The music speaks for itself and the cast is attractive and energetic. Tickets start at $45.

Also appearing today at iHeartMedia’s Broadway in Bryant Park hosted by 106.7 LITE FM‘s Delilah:

Be More Chill

  • George Salazar
  • Katlyn Carlson
  • Tiffany Mann
  • Lauren Marcus
  • Gerald Canonico
  • Jason Sweet Tooth Williams
  • Cameron Bond
  • Morgan Siobhan Green
  • Joel Waggoner
  • Anthony Chatmon II
  • Talia Suskauer
  • Britton Smith
  • Troy Iwata

King Kong

  • Kayla Davion
  • Rory Donovan


  • Ivan Salazar
  • Alan Asuncion
  • Sean Perham
  • John Gavin
  • Desmond Howard
  • Josh Cruz
  • Briana Butler
  • Serena Morgan

Bat Out of Hell

  • Andrew Polec
  • Christina Bennington
  • Tyrick Wiltez Jones
  • Danielle Steers
  • Avionce Hoyles

The Gazette thanks Broadway in Bryant Park’s Emily Fleder for her assistance today.






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