You Might Think That’s OK

April 5, 2019

But the crowd in midtown didn’t think so and hundreds of them jammed Broadway between W41st and W42nd Street on Thursday as the evening rush got underway. They called for the full release of Mueller’s report and made it clear that AG Barr’s summary was not OK. There were homemade protest signs of course, as well as chants (“we want action not redaction!”), speakers, and a sing-along.


Sing Out, Louise NYC belted out a few jaunty numbers from their Resistance ‘hymnal’ sung to the tune of familiar songs by the Monkees (‘Take the next plane to Moscow’), Queen (‘We will, we will stop you’), and the Oklahoma revival now in previews on Broadway (‘Mar-A-Lago! Where the lies are thicker than the steak!’) among many others.  The ‘hymnal’ of clever lyrics was distributed to the protesters who cheerfully sang along.

NYC’s brand new Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams, revved up the crowd with a fiery speech that boiled down to the question, ‘what are they hiding?’ Several more speakers followed Williams and led the protesters in chants along the same line. After about an hour of that, NYPD escorted the protesters down to Madison Square Park where the march dispersed in plenty of time to get home and watch Rachel Maddow on TV.



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