Elevated Lines

December 27, 2018

By Inwood Art Works

The New York City subway system is both the lifeblood and the bane of a New Yorker’s existence. Serving 5.7 million customers a week, the subway traverses all 5 boroughs of the city. Built at the turn of the 20th century, much of the system is above ground (The EL) and cuts through the heart of NYC’s working class neighborhoods.

Viewed from the EL platform edge, one can see the city’s discordant mix of old and new and the ever present renewal/decay/transition of its neighborhoods. Vestiges of 1900s New York remain mixed with new development, gentrification, and sometimes abject neglect. Residential, retail, and industrial exist side by side — sometimes all within the span of one subway stop. This project presents a visual survey of the working class city as it stands today.



Bruce Katz/Elevated Lines at Inwood Art Works Gallery.


Bruce Katz is an architectural, portrait and fine art photographer based in New York City. Working regularly for a diverse clientele over a 38 year career, his work has appeared in Architectural Digest, New York Magazine, Landscape Architecture, and The Washington Post as well as for top hospitality, design and advertising firms throughout the country.

Recent NYC gallery exhibitions include SPF 16 at the Arsenal Gallery on 5th Avenue, Photoville in Brooklyn (2016 and 2017), Alice Austin House Museum, and the International Center of Photography.  Select work from his City Limits project was recently acquired by New York Historical Society for the museum’s permanent collection.

Bruce is a strong advocate for business education for photographers and teaches at the International Center of Photography.  He is an active member of ASMP and has served on the National and NY Chapter board of directors.

Inwood Art Works Gallery hours:

  • Thursday: 6-10pm
  • Friday: 6-10pm
  • Saturday: 12-8pm
  • Sunday: 12-6pm

Opening Reception:  Thursday, January 3, 2019

Aaron Simms, Curator & Executive Producer

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