Things Don’t Stay Fixed

October 22, 2018

The Gazette found itself in downtown Columbus, Georgia Sunday night just as the Way Down Film Festival wrapped up. The final screening of the festival’s third year program was a movie shot in and around Columbus with a mostly local cast, “Things Don’t Stay Fixed.” Director Bo Bartlett, in a post-screening Q&A with the audience, shared that he’d been meaning to make this film since the 1980s. Having optioned the screenplay for two cycles in Hollywood without it being produced, he moved on and dedicated himself to painting for years. But he couldn’t let it go, he said, and lines of the dialogue looped in his mind. Finally his wife insisted he go for it and get it out of his system. Good advice! The film is a masterpiece. Five stars across the board: acting, directing, story, photography, music, locations, etc, etc. The screening took place in the landmark Springer Opera House, another local treasure. The seats were filled with mostly local folks who were treated to the world premier of this jewel of a movie.




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