NYC*LIVE!/Fashion Week

September 14, 2018

Spring/Summer 2019 Showcase

This EVENT will showcase fashion designers’ brands from the United States and
all different parts of the world, including emerging or seasoned professionals,
whom will display their beautiful fashions and talents before professionals in the
fashion industry. “NYC Live! @ Fashion Week” Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion
Showcase Production and Press/Media teams are very pleased to have you join us
for an event of FASHION, STYLE AND BUSINESS, which is expected to be a
grand high-end Fashion Showcase that will set the bar for many more seasons to


Featured Activities will include –* Fashion Designer Showcase * Designer Showroom/Pop-Up Shop with Live Mannequins
* Buyers/Retailers * National/International Press, Red Carpet Interviews
* Showcase After Party * Celebrity/VIP Guests
* Gift Bags, aka “Swag Bags” * 50th Birthday Celebration for Wm. Michael Reid


Fashion Designers –For the 1st Show at 6:30 pm:
Erena Chebës; Azwin Shafinaz; Datin Norliza; Trisha Sherman; Alvertis Alve’ Alexander; Chinaza Imala; Yen Lee & Shiau Lee; Zsimon Chong; Kenny ‘Kas’ Flanagan.


For the 2nd Show at 8:00 pm:

Marco Marcu; Heather Daughtry; Franklin Rowe; Eirma Fatima of Khalif; Kiran Tuljaram of Elevate & Datin Rita of Hidha’ Shoes; Jose Alexzander; Tanya Ivory Mayes; Krista Del Rosario; Malcolm Staples.




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