April 13, 2018

Just ten days ago a deal was struck between Governor Cuomo, NYS Senate Democrats, and the breakaway IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) to reunite the party. But there were signs last night indicating that the healing process needs more time. Literally signs, as in protest signs, held by community activists who were brimming with distrust of the pact.


NYS Senator Diane Savino

The occasion was a campaign fundraiser at the New Leaf restaurant that activists say casts doubt on the agreement. “As long as they still have a bank account they still exist,” Livvie Mann of Rise and Resist said of the IDC. Harris Doran from True Blue Coalition added, “So, the IDC said they’d disband and they immediately hold a fundraiser. It’s a sham.”

With chants of “Fat Cats/Fake Democrats”, “IDC = GOP”, and “Shame! Shame! Shame!” the protesters greeted politicians and invited guests as they arrived. Ray Rogers of Stop REBNY Bullies told the Gazette that the real estate lobby REBNY is the main bankroller of IDC. “They want the tax abatements and subsidies to keep flowing. They want to end rent stabilization.”




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