Do You Know Bo?

April 24, 2017

Former NYPD Homicide Detective and media celebrity Bo Deitl announced an endorsement in his run for Mayor of New York City today on the steps of City Hall. Councilman Eric Ulrich introduced Deitl, praised the candidate’s dedication to the City of New York, his willingness to tell it like it is, and officially endorsed his candidacy. Deitl then took over the podium and proceeded to paint a dismal picture of a city in decline under the leadership of the current “lazy” Mayor Bill DiBlasio, or “Big Bird” as he mockingly called him, adding that DiBlasio isn’t even his real name.

Deitl went on to lash the admin for failures across the board, but most especially at ACS. Citing the death this week of a 3 year old boy in the Bronx, Deitl said he’d shake up the agency and fire the people responsible for this tragedy. “They dropped the ball,” he asserted. Crime stats in schools are deceptive because staff are told to flush confiscated drugs rather than call the police, he claimed.

Asked about Eric Garner’s death at the hands of NYPD, Deitl schooled a reporter on the distinction between a headlock and a chokehold. A headlock, he explained, is a preferred alternative to shooting a suspect, and one that he’d used hundreds of times himself in making arrests. He called for more officer training in using non-lethal techniques to subdue suspects and said he didn’t think the officer in the Garner case should be fired. “He didn’t wake up and say ‘today I’m gonna kill somebody.'”

Referencing Mayor DiBlasio’s difficult relations with both NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump, Dietl said, “he can’t talk with the Governor, he can’t talk with the President. Get rid of him!” In contrast, he said he’d go on his knees to ask President Trump for the funding NYC requires for infrastructure, police, etc. He followed  that remark with an aside to a chuckling reporter that on his knees was just a metaphor.

Recounting how he’d been shot at and even had his skull fractured during his NYPD career, Deitl told a group of reporters that he, unlike the current Mayor, had literally bled for this city. “I’m a New Yorker. I was born here and I’ll die here,” he said, touting his authentic New York roots. “He’s a Red Sox fan! How does that even happen?” Deitl asked incredulously, hooking a thumb over his shoulder at City Hall.

Asked if, as Mayor, he would support pay parity with police and fire for EMS, Deitl hedged, saying only that he’d be willing to “look at it.” When asked about closing Rikers Island, Deitl said closing it isn’t the answer. “Fix it!” he said.


A Close Rikers rally preceded Deitl press conference at City Hall today.


Councilman Eric Ulrich endorsed Bo Deitl for Mayor of New York City today.


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