NYC Tax March

April 15, 2017

Per the IRS, tax day will fall on April 17th this year, but in New York City the more traditional date of April 15th was observed today anyway. Thousands of people gathered in and around midtown’s Bryant Park for a raucous rally to honor this American tradition, then marched up 6th Avenue and over to Trump Tower. But unlike in years past, when throngs of procrastinators would line up outside the main PO on 8th Avenue to postmark their returns before the midnight deadline, this crowd was all about posting someone else’s tax returns. Specifically, those of President Donald Trump.

Having broken with a modern tradition by refusing to release his taxes, candidate Trump had fired up the nation’s imagination. Is he really as rich as he claimed? Does he owe a fortune to Russian banks? Does he even pay any taxes? These are just a few of the questions swirling around the mystery of the President’s tax returns. And though today’s gathering provided answers to none of those questions, and was unlikely to change President Trump’s decision to keep his returns private, today’s marchers made it crystal clear that they want him to release them ASAP if not sooner.


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